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Our Story

Grace Pearl Pharma came to life to address the need for the highest quality of vitamins and supplements from a supplier that you can trust. We pride ourselves in being a trusted supplier to the people of Pakistan. Being a trusted supplier means ensuring that our products are safe and secure, to aid in your journey in becoming healthier and happier. You can trust in us to help revitalise yourself both physically and mentally by tackling neglected issues like deficiencies and mental illnesses. In doing so, we are helping you build your personal care by aiding in and promoting a healthy lifestyle, therefore invest in yourself because you deserve it.

The need for personal care is bigger now, more than ever especially as you are living such a busy life, therefore it is our mission to provide you with the finest quality supplement products to guarantee you are taking care of yourself whilst working through your daily motions. Give your daily routine a quick pick me up with our wide range of vitamins and minerals.

We provide a wide range of tablets with high quality ingredients from multivitamins to skin rejuvenation supplements to build you into a healthier individual. Our A-Z multivitamins and minerals use active and natural ingredients such as ascorbic acid providing Vitamin C to keep the body supercharged and energised. To reduce joint pain and improve bone health we provide supplements containing Marine Collagen which is rich in amino acids to strengthen the physical body. We also provide Vitamin D3 and Omega 3,6,9 to improve overall health and wellbeing. For physical aspects of healthiness, we offer weight management supplements including ingredients such as extracts of green tea, an antioxidant, which burns fat but also prevents other diseases. We also want you to look good as well as feel good therefore we offer skin rejuvenation and hair and nail supplements to keep you glowing on the outside.

You deserve to feel revived so start your journey today with our quality top of the range products to become a healthier, happier, renewed version of you.